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Boosting your building's cellular coverage has never been easier. Whether your building is small or large, it's simple to increase the connectivity and safety for all cell users. 

Wilson Pro 4000

All Bands, Multi-Carrier Cellular Signal Booster

The WilsonPro Pro 4000 signal booster is a professional-grade amplifier that provides expanded cell phone coverage in large buildings and commercial spaces of 100,000 square feet or more. Ideal for hospitals, hotels, warehouses, offices and other large buildings, the Pro 4000 amplifies weak cell signals to provide reliable voice and data coverage including 4G LTE to inside spaces where signals may not penetrate.

This powerful dual-booster design allows clients with large homes to enjoy maximum indoor cell coverage - no more dropped calls or lost connections, faster uploads/downloads and a reliable, up to 32x stronger signal.


  • Boosters sold in kits with antennas

  • Expansion kits available for large scale installations

  • Self-optimizing design minimizes installation time

  • Incorporates four indoor antenna ports

  • Compatible with all North American cellular networks

  • Three year warranty

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How Commercial Signal Boosters Work

  1. An external antenna is directed toward a cell tower.

  2. The signal is sent to a booster system inside of the building.

  3. Inside, internal antennas bring the boosted cell signal to those throughout the building.

  4. The process is then reversed back to the cell tower, allowing for seamless communication.

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